As we slowly transition out of the summer season and into autumn, you might be thinking about replacing your windows to battle against the elements. You’ll find window companies all over Charlottesville making claims for big energy savings, but it’s important to know what you’re buying before you sign on the dotted line.

Understanding the anatomy of energy efficient replacement windows can help you maintain a warmer home—with more money in your wallet to boot. The following components are responsible for making a window energy efficient:


1. Argon Gas:

When you hear about replacement windows containing energy efficient gases, this is likely a reference to argon gas. Argon is a gas that’s denser than air. Its purpose is to enhance the thermal efficiency of the window and essentially acts as an insulator.

When you see windows advertised at bottom dollar prices, it likely does not contain argon gas. You’ll pay less money upfront, but you won’t see a significant difference in your energy bills.


2. Krypton Gas

Argon gas is a popular energy efficient gas for replacement windows, but it’s not the only option. Krypton is even denser than argon, but keep in mind that it typically costs more.

However, krypton gas is also a good fit for the tight chambers of triple pane windows, resulting in an ultra-efficient replacement window for your home.


 3. Low-e Glazing

Low-e is an invisible coating that is applied to the glass of your replacement windows. There are several areas where low-e is applied, including:

  • Outside surface of the exterior glass
  • Inside surface of the exterior glass
  • Outside surface of interior glass
  • Inside surface of exterior glass

During the winter, low-e can help keep your home warmer by reflecting heat from a room back inside. This helps prevent energy loss, which helps keep your utility bills low during the coldest times of the year.


4. Triple Pane Glass

Windows were originally engineered with a single pane of glass. These windows were very inefficient and only provided protection from the elements. Dual pane windows were introduced around the 1950s and still remain as a popular choice. However, triple pane is taking over the industry in terms of energy savings.

Triple pane windows are engineered with a third pane of glass. This creates an extra chamber for energy efficient gases, resulting in one of the most energy efficient windows on the market.


5. Professional Installation

While installation isn’t involved with the engineering process, it’s an incredibly important part of saving energy. Professional installation creates an airtight seal around the window frame, which helps energy from escaping or cold air making its way inside during the winter.


Need Energy Efficient Replacement Windows? Try Triple Pane for $125

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