While we may not have reached the coldest winter days here in Charlottesville, we all know that the real threat of winter is on its way. Even though we experience less than the average amount of snowfall, we still need to keep our homes warm and energy bills low as temperatures drop.


If you have yet to winterize your home, the windows are one of the first places you need to worry about. Old and outdated windows cost homeowners roughly one-quarter of their energy budget every year.


Will your windows make it through the winter this year, or can replacement wait until springtime?


Here are a few ways to find out.


1. You Can’t Win the Battle With the Thermostat

If you are constantly turning on the heat but find yourself shivering, the culprit might be your windows. Inefficient windows are not effective at keeping energy inside of the home. This makes it easy for heat to escape, leaving you with a colder home and a seemingly endless war with the thermostat.


2. Your Curtains Move When the Windows are Closed

If you see your curtains slightly blowing when the windows are closed, chances are that it’s not the ghost of Christmas past you’re seeing.


What’s happening is that there are large gaps around the window frame, allowing cold air to make its way inside. This will create a chill in your home, and sometimes the draft is strong enough to make your curtains slightly sway in the breeze.


Unfortunately, this problem can happen even with new replacement windows. When windows are incorrectly installed, drafts become a big problem quite quickly. Even small drafts can drain energy, so be careful with who you choose for new window installation.


3.There are Cracks in the Glass

Cracked glass in your window might seem like a minor annoyance, but the truth is that it can impact performance during the winter months.


A crack in the glass of your window can lead to the entire panel shattering. This is time consuming and dangerous to fix. Instead of trying to repair the glass—especially if the windows are old—replacement might be the best option.


4. You See Signs of Water Damage

Water damage is a red flag for window replacement. If your windows are drafty, this means moisture can make its way inside as well. You’ll find moisture damage on areas such as the wall or the windowsill. Signs of water damage include changes in texture of the walls, discoloration, and water accumulation on the sill.


5. Your Wood Window Frames are Rotting

This is the most severe sign that you need new replacement windows. If you have wood windows that were neglected for years, you’ll find rotting frames from excessive moisture damage. Not only does this impact your energy bills, but it also compromises the structural integrity of your home.


The best course of action is to opt for new vinyl windows for your Charlottesville home.


Choose Window Depot USA of Charlottesville for Winter Energy Savings

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