Have you heard that Charlottesville is the third happiest city in the United States? When you consider the combination of beautiful scenery, southern charm, and laid back lifestyle, it’s no wonder why Charlottesville residents are so happy. However, the place you call home also has an impact on happiness. According to Home Advisor, a comfortable home contributes to your overall well-being—and triple pane windows can help make your home a happier place to live.


If you’re wondering how triple pane replacement windows can possibly bring happiness to Charlottesville homeowners, consider the following:


1. Triple Pane Windows Keep the Temperature Just Right

Whether you prefer your home to stay cool or you like it on the warmer side, triple pane windows will keep the indoor atmosphere at your ideal temperature. This is accomplished by advanced energy-saving technologies as well as the third pane of glass.


The third pane of glass creates an additional barrier to block energy from escaping. This results in keeping your home at just the right temperature, and you can finally put a stop to your endless battle with the thermostat.


2. Triple Pane Puts More Money in Your Wallet

Whether you want extra cash to save for retirement or you simply want to enjoy yourself at one of our many Charlottesville restaurants, triple pane can help keep your wallet fuller. This is due to energy savings that homeowners experience throughout the seasons, which can add up to as much as $465 per year according to Energy Star.


3. Triple Pane Kicks Your Curb Appeal up a Notch

If your exterior is looking lackluster, triple pane windows are one of the best ways to transform curb appeal. Triple pane might be known for its energy efficiency, but it also brings beauty to the home. Window Depot USA of Charlottesville offers triple pane windows in a variety of styles and aesthetic upgrades, including decorative glass and grids.


4. Triple Pane Can Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re looking to put your home on the market or you simply want to increase property value, triple pane windows can provide a healthy return on investment. According to the 2017 Cost vs. Value report, new vinyl window installation offers an ROI of up to 75%. Choosing quality vinyl windows with triple pane glass can help maximize your investment.


5. Triple Pane Makes Your Home More Relaxing

One of the best benefits of triple pane is enjoying your new relaxing atmosphere. Since triple pane is known for sound reduction, you’ll experience a quieter and calmer living space. Who doesn’t want to come home to a comfortable and more relaxing home?


Be Happy: Choose Triple Pane for Your Home

If you’re a homeowner in Charlottesville, chances are that you’ve already experienced the benefits and joys of living in this unique area. However, if you’re ready to take your happiness to the next level, contact Window Depot USA of Charlottesville, VA for a free quote on triple pane replacement windows.