You know that you need new replacement windows, and you have an idea of what local contractors you need to call. You know that a few guys, or women, will come to your home to demonstrate your future windows, and they’ll give you a quote for the product and installation. At the end of the appointment you are normally asked if you have any questions; this is your chance to turn the tables and interview your contractor.

Many homeowners don’t realize that interviewing your contractor is just as important as every other portion of your appointment.  Your contractor promises you the moon and stars when selling their product, and for dishonest contractors, this is typically an easy gig since the majority of people know virtually nothing about replacement windows. The sad reality is that some contractors prey upon your ignorance to their product and use it to their advantage. In order to spot the bad eggs, you need to be prepared with thought-provoking questions to ask during your interview.

Common questions that reflect topics such as warranty and price are expected, but the questions we are referring to emphasize honesty and ethics. You want to be sure that you are hiring the right person to do the job; after all, businesses are operated by people, and people are not always honest.

Here are three simple questions to help separate the scammers from the pros:

1.       Have you ever felt uncomfortable about a sale, AFTER you sold to someone?

2.       Have you ever seen your company or installers take short cuts on the job, and NOT stepped in on behalf of your customer?

3.       We’’ve all made errors of judgment; is there one job that comes to mind where your company really dropped the ball on a homeowner, and did NOT do everything in their power to make it right?

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